Big Data


Are you a business, looking to:

Leverage real-time or near real-time data collection and analysis?
Handle high volume and high velocity data?
Build unified correlation between data sets from heterogeneous sources?
Develop analytic insights on voluminous data to identify business opportunities?
Harness predictive analytics?

We have a team of experts with loads of experience in building big data solutions. We can strategically consult you on your big data project needs, help evaluate and identify the right tools, tech stacks and providers, rapidly build POCs to evaluate the fitment, build big data solution and deploy and monitor the deployments and assets in production environment.

Whether you are looking for an on-prem solution or a cloud hosted one, we can handle both. Our team of solution experts will build a road-map with milestones for success for you, identify KPIs and deliver to plan for a predictable success.